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Thursday, July 21, 2011

18 Month Day

Yesterday Rocco turned 18 months old. I think it would have been cool to see that he was in phase 8 on his 18 month day, but again, we all know that the reports just weren't updated for those pups on the CA campus. ;-) Anyway, I really couldn't think of an 18 month thing for Rocco, so I just thought I would say how proud all of his Moms are that he's doing so well up at "doggie college". We're all waiting for that fateful call from Jim telling us that he's been matched with his blind/visually impaired partner. I hope his "in class" call comes at an interesting time like Freya's did.
Anyway...Happy Month Day Rocco!!! I can't wait to see my bouncy, cuddly, goofy, caring, smart, sweet, happy, sensitive, energetic, silly, brave, strong, kind, playful, focused, big, handsome, yellow boy again. Hey...that was 18 adjectives!

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