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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tenth Phase Report and Mostly Wordless Wednesday

The report came out a day early, so I really couldn't do my normal "Mostly Wordless Wednesday". Here's the bit of the report that I wish to report. Now you may say, "Erin, your boy jumped two phases and then held in one phase for two weeks. Doesn't that make it less of an accomplishment?" No it does not. If he needs an extra week to get out of 7 then that just means that there is something in that phase he needs a little extra help on. He still went through phase 6 real fast. And what I think happened is that the dogs that are at the California campus didn't get updated this week because Fun Day is this Saturday.

Rocco 4Y13 LAB M 7

Rocky 4Y14 LAB M 7

Havasu was unfortunately not on the phase report this week. :-( I'm trying to figure out what happened, because she was still only in medicals. Do I freak out when littermates have medical problems? Yes. But I'm sure Havasu is still having a blast and will be placed exactly where she's meant to be. Belle puppy EATON is in phase 4 this week!

Speaking about Belle puppies...this was going to be my Wordless Wednesday. :-) I know, she's adorable. This is a video of Freya grabbing onto one of her back feet. It's like she's saying, "I'm bored! My feet are itching to go somewhere."


  1. Bummer! Please let me know if you find out why Havasu was cc'd... I'm getting nervous because Hanalei was recommended as possible breeder by our CFR but I don't like when you don't hear about them for that time in between evals and phase 0...

  2. I wish Hilly was still a prospective Breeder. :-( I think she could have overcome her dog thing without being fixed. Oh well, hopefully you won't have to hear anything between Breeder evals and phase 0 and she'll just become a breeder or they'll drop her from Breeder quickly. I think having them gone for a month to then get dropped from Breeding and put into training would be hard.


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