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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Forgot the Jacket

Well, I'm sorry to say that it's happened. In 3 years as a puppy raiser I never forgot the jacket no matter where I went. Even if I went to a pet store the jacket was always handy. Sadly...my 3 year streak has ended. Yesterday my brother and I were going out to our favourite Thai restaurant for lunch before going to a movie. As we step out of the car into the inferno that is the Valley of California during the summer I realised that I didn't remember putting Hilly's jacket into my purse. I didn't get too worried until I was sure it wasn't there. *face palm* I ended up going back to the house and grabbing the jacket while my brother ordered food and everything worked out just fine. But gosh! What if I had forgotten the jacket when going to the Aquarium or the Beach or somewhere else where I couldn't couldn't just drive home in 10 minutes.

Since there are so many other puppy raisers out there I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever forgotten the puppy jacket when about to go out. So, my question to all you other puppy raisers is; what is your funniest story about a forgotten jacket?


  1. I forgot Betsy's large jacket one day when we were making a trip to Denver (1 hour from my house), but I had a small one I was going to give back to my leader in my car. Needless to say, 60lbs Betsy looked ridiculous in a small vest that barely buckled. Ooops!

  2. I store the jacket in my car because I'm afraid of this happening. I take it off my pup before we go inside, and put it on whenever we get where we are going.

    The only time I can remember forgetting a jacket was on my way to work. Since everyone is used to my pups, I didn't bother returning for it. I just left Rio in my classroom on tiedown instead of walking the school with him that day.

  3. I never forgot Cabana's jacket, which isn't such a feat since I was a puppy raiser for less than a year. But I have been caught without a poop bag a few times. I'm fanatical about always picking up Cabana's poop, so I've had to remember the spot and go back later with a bag.

  4. I've actually forgotten the jacket twice. Both times I was getting ready to go to class and didn't think to check. Both times yeah I stunk the pup in anyway since I knew they were known and would behave..but lets say we ran through the halls. haha


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