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Friday, July 29, 2011

Eleventh Phase Report

Because I was out of town yesterday, I didn't get to post this.

Rocco 4Y13 LAB M 8

Rocky 4Y14 LAB M 8

Hermes 46Y1 LAB M 0

Hanalei LAB F Breeder Evals

Halette LAB F Breeder Evals

Hanalei and Halette won't show up on the phase reports unless they're dropped from Breeding. I really hope at least one of Hilly's sisters makes it as a Breeder. I did find out at Fun Day that she was the only female from the litter who was already dropped from Breeding, And since there is only one male in the whole litter that means she's in the minority. Oh Hilly... Anyway, let's go "H" litter!!!! And now to get this out...

Rocco's in 8! Rocco's in 8! Rocco's in 8!

Now we just play the waiting game...


  1. Hanalei was cc'd today due to a cataract in her right eye :( I hope her sisters are healthy enough, she gets spayed mon and comes home tues!

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry. She was such a good girl at fun day. I'm glad she gets to come home though. :)

  3. Ah man! I'm sorry to hear about Hanalei. She was so calm and sweet when we met her.

  4. Thats alright, we were told that it is highly unlikely that it will cause any problems with her vision. We are also going to train her to be an assistance dog for a friend. She has the perfect temperament for this so I hope that this is just what she was meant to do.


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