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Monday, July 18, 2011

Pauli Graduates

Hilly and I went to graduation this past Saturday. We went because we had a very special puppy graduating. No, no it wasn't Rocco. You'll know the moment I get the news that he's in class. He's only in phase 7 right now so he's got another phase to go before he's considered class ready. So, he probably won't be in this next graduation unless he's in the retrain class or involved in a Dog Swap. But there's a good possibility that he'll be in the August 27 graduation. Got my fingers crossed.

This graduation though Pauli was the star. Pauli came to Emily with a list of bad behaviours. Apparently, he never exhibited these behaviours with Emily. He was such a good boy for her and Emily did such a good job. In order to congratulate Emily on such a good puppy a few of us decided that we would go up and support her. This graduation was especially cool because it had all the youngsters graduating. They do one of these graduations a year where the graduates mostly range on the younger side. Pauli's new guy isn't in his thirties and there were others that ranged from 14-20. It was so cool to see these young people graduate as a team with their first dogs. And Pauli looked so great in harness!

We were so proud of Pauli and his new partner. They are now off, back to their home in Canada! Good job Emily on your work to raise a great Guide.

Now, on to brag about Hilly. There were so many dogs around. There were puppies in training and working Guides and breeders and new graduates around. Now, I was really worried about taking Hilly to Fun Day with no prior experience in a large crowd of dogs. I am no longer worried, because Hilly did awesome! She was totally focused and calm and well behaved. I'm so proud of her. We even saw a few German Shepherd Guides and they didn't bother her at all! Hooray!

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