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Thursday, June 23, 2011

15 Things at 15 Months

Today Hilly is 15 Months old! I can't believe that I just got her and she's already 15 months. Both Freya and Rocco were recalled shortly after they turned 16 months. Luckily for me, Hilly still has some work to get done before she's recalled for my ultimate goal is to at least get her on a recall list. If she decides in training that she would rather try and play with every dog she sees then that's fine, but by gum she's going into training! :D Determination.

Right, so since all you bloggers out there really don't know Hilly all that well I though this month I would do "15 Things You Should Know about Hilly" (aka: what I love about her).

15 Things You Should Know about Hilly

1. She's adorable. Seriously. She has the sweetest face and the cutest looks. She has a different look for different moods.

2. She is uber stubborn. Really and truly. When she came to me she...well let's just say she didn't have great relieving protocol. I ended up have to walk her around in a circle and then she'd out the breaks on. After a week I got her to circle more or less as long as I wanted to her to. Still, it was a struggle at times.

3. She does what I have termed Hilly's Happy Hop (alliteration sells). What she does is bounce straight up into the air and then bound three times in front of you and then look back with this expression that clearly says, "I'm very excited! Aren't you!?" I love it.

4. She loves her sterilized marrow bone better than anything. Unfortunately Rosie likes to steal it and take it outside.

5. She's a smartypants. She figured out the doggie door in two weeks being here and about 5 days of that was recovery from surgery.

6. She's very mellow. Oh, she'll play alright but when it comes right down to it she's a pretty mellow girl. She likes to sleep as much as she likes to play.

7. She's not the cuddliest of puppies. She doesn't want to sit on my lap and cuddle with me like Rocco did. And she doesn't want to curl up on me when I lay on the floor like Freya did. But, she does do her own form of cuddling. She'll lay her head on my feet and curl up under the desk when I'm working on the computer and she'll come over and lay next to me.

8. She has this funny way of playing. I don't think she quite knew how to play when she came to me. She's still learning, but she's getting better. At first though, she didn't know what Rosie wanted to do and she apparently got annoyed at her. She lifted one paw and smacked Rosie in the body. It was quite funny. And I still see some of her "I have no idea what I'm doing" when she sort of falls on Rosie.

9. She's so good when she's out in public. She'll just lay down and sleep when she's at a restaurant or at a movie.

10. She wiggles when she walks when she's happy.

11. She loves her people. When she wakes up she wiggles and wiggles and wiggles.

12. She's my first dog who isn't a licker. She doesn't lick often, but when she does she's very polite about it.

13. She likes smells. This is unfortunately something we're working on as her love for smells does not befit a Guide. But she's cute when she sniffs stuff.

14. Sometimes, she'll just stick her nose near your nose. She doesn't lick, but just holds the her muzzle there. It's like she's saying "I like you".

15. She's got a large black spot on the back her tongue. You can only see if when she yawns.


  1. we gave you an a award at our blog. You can stop by and pick it up and then pass it on to other bloggers :)

  2. Hi!I am Hanalei puppy raiser (Hilly's sister). I just found your blog. Hanalei is going back at the california fun day so I am trying to catch up with her siblings!
    Hanalei and Hilly sound a lot alike! Out of the numbers you gave they have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, AND 16 in common!
    Oh my goodness!
    Thank you for writing your blog! I love learning about my puppies' littermates
    Sydney And Hanalei

  3. Hey Sydney and Hanalei! I'm so glad that Hanalei is staying out until Fun Day. I hope that means that we get to meat you and Hanalei (well, Hilly will be seeing Hanalei again). :) If you want pictures or to talk about these two you can always email me at dramaqueenEEA92@gmail.com. Thanks for reading.
    ~Erin and Hilly


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