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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hello Hilly

Hilly was my first puppy that I got off the puppy truck. Let me just say this; the waiting sucks. Seriously, I never really understood that excitement that built up on the morning of the puppy truck because I've never had to wait around for the truck to get here. I picked both Rocco and Freya up from Guide Dogs and I think I prefer that. I definitely didn't like having to wait all morning while doing nothing. At least when you go up to pick up your puppy you're driving while waiting.

Anyway, I saw the puppy truck drive up and my heart started beating faster.Then they started taking off the older pups to "do their business" and I caught a glimpse of a black lab but I shielded my eyes just in case it was Hilly.

First of the older pups off was Amici who was CC'd last week and is being placed by his raisers here in town. He was very, very excited to see his raiser again and pretty excited to see everyone else as well. I have to admit I was pretty excited to see Amici again as well.

Then off was, you guessed it, Hilly. I saw a itty bitty black lab being walked over and I thought, "Can't be my 14 month old girl, far too small."
Of course she was mine and instantly I loved her. She was so happy to see all of these new friends waiting for her outside of the truck. It was so adorable. She calmed down eventually and then I left with my friend to go out for some lunch. Hilly was perfect, but she does not like the heat here.

Overall she's a lovely girl, but she does have a few issues. The reason she was transferred was because of a dog distraction issue. Let me tell you, she is dog distracted. So, that's what I'm to work on with her. She's on food protocol now and I can already tell this is something that she can overcome.

There are a few more places that I want to work on so I thought I'd give you a list.

1. Dog Distraction

2. Relieving (she doesn't circle)

3, Name Recognition (there's a whole back story to this I'd rather not get into because it does annoy me slightly)

4. Counter Surfing

Really though, she's a lovely girl with a great personality. Here are some pictures of our first two days together.


  1. I thought she looked like Waffle in the Eyes. Welcome Hilly

  2. Welcome Hilly. She looks like she's settled in quite well!

  3. Welcome, Hilly! Erin, are you raising her in the UK or back here in the US?


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