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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

17 Month Day

Yesterday was Rocco's 17 Month Day. Now what I was going to do was post 17 Things that He's Learned at College (so far), but for that I needed my puppy raising manual which seems to have gone on a vacation while I've been absent. (Don't tell Mary. Oh wait, she reads this blog...Sorry Mary. It is in a box around he somewhere. It's just jumped from one box to another.)

Anyway, to make a long story short I looked for it for a long while then it was time for Hilly's first outing after her surgery. She needed to get out of the house because without her fast paced walks in the morning and no social outings she's been tempted to play with Rosie and when they play, they play hard. So, I figured it was safer for her and her stitches to get her energy out walking slow paced from our car to a movie theatre then laying down for 2 hours then driving home instead of being tempted to wrestle with Rosie. (To be honest I did take her more for me than her because I've been running ragged trying to get them not to play together.) That's what we did for about three hours yesterday. Then my plan was to look for the manual when I got home, but forces beyond my control prevented me from doing that. I got a mild case of stomach flu or food poisoning and instead of looking for the manual Hilly and I stayed in my room from 6 yesterday evening to about 6 this morning. So...no manual as of yet, but I'll keep looking for it and hopefully will find it this afternoon and post those 17 Things.

If not, a very happy (belated) 17 Month Day to my Baby Boy.

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