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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Train Trip

Every year my group goes on a train trip to Hanford to get the puppies used to public transport. It's a fun outing for both people and puppies. I went with Freya but Rocco was too young to go last year so I haven't been for a few years. When I heard that the trip was delayed until after Hilly came off the truck I was really excited...and it wasn't just because we always go to Superior Dairy for ice cream.

Hilly did really while when on the train. Both to and from she slept trough the train trip. She did amazing in Superior Dairy and, get this, she was calm around the puppies. I mean...eerily calm. It's a little weird because that morning she lunged toward a dog walk in the opposite direction as us. I'm thinking it's because these puppies had on jackets like hers. It really was the weirdest thing. Both times she's been with the group she's been excited for about 5 minutes then calmed down...so I don't think people believe me when I say she's really dog distracted but I swear she is. HAHA! She's just so sneaky about it.

Anyway, pictures for you.

If you look over to us you'll realise that Hilly and I are looking at each other. I hate to compare her to Freya, but I've got so many pictures of Freya and me like this.

Everyone in front of the Hanford Courthouse

I got this picture of Hilly and I think she's so pretty.

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  1. I love train rides! That's great that Hilly did well. It sounds like you are bonding really well together!


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