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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hilly's First Baseball Match

Ok, I actually don't know if this was Hilly's first baseball game but it was definitely was her first with me. I think she had a really fun time. Believe me she wasn't as bored as she looks in this picture. She really was very, very good and very entertained.See, she watched the game.

Now, every Friday there is a Firework display after the game. If I take my puppies to a Friday game I always make sure to drive myself so that we can leave before fireworks. But for some reason I can't ever remember that during the Star Spangled Banner there are three little fireworks that go off during "...and the rockets red glare!" They just shoot into the air with one bang and no glitter (I suppose that's why I never remember them). Luckily for me I've had such wonderful pups that handle them with maturity and grace. Hilly was laying down sleeping before, during, and after the the Star Spangled Banner (or, maybe it's the fact that I've had such confident puppies that I don't remember them).

She slept through almost the whole thing. She worked like a pro when we were walking around near all the food. Her work was so good in fact that no less than four people thought I was blind. This really was our first big outing together as a Puppy Raising Team and she impressed me so much. I loved her already and have been pleased with her work, but Friday night she blew me away. During her eval with Jim I told him that I think she would be a good guide and that night she completely proved it to me.

Now...to get over her dog thing....

Hilly was very interested in this fly that kept bugging around us...she ate him.

I had to continue to tell her that she was far too young to have a sip of my dad's beer.

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  1. Hi Erin, I am enjoying your blog..you and the guide puppies seem t get up hi-jinks..could you put a wee bit more description on your photos, I've been told that they are funny also all the best ian


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