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Friday, June 17, 2011

She was Fixed

Poor Hilly didn't even know she was broken.

She came home yesterday so very groggy. She basically slept on her little mat from to time we got home around 6 till we went to bed around 10...and then slept some more. She wouldn't even get up when she heard her food dish clang, so I decided she probably wasn't very hungry. Even in the vet's waiting room she was so tired. She was standing right next to a dog she didn't know and wasn't doing anything. Usually she pulls and jumps and whines but yesterday she just looked over at the dog and then down at the floor. Poor girl. She's doing a lot better today. The vet told me she could return to normal activity today as long as she looked like she wasn't in pain or uncomfortable. My plan was to take her on a 10 minute walk this morning, but she was so happy walking around that we ended up going the full 2 miles.

Tomorrow is White Cane Day and I wasn't going to take her, but I might if she's as perky tomorrow as she is today and Mary gives me the "OK". She's not jumping and doing the Hilly Happy Hop right now, but I'm sure after a week she'll be her old self again.


  1. Poor thing! I am glad that she is feeling better and back to her usual self. It's funny that Halette sleeps the same way as Hilly is sleeping in the last photo. In fact, I am about to post a photo of her sleeping in a very similar fashion in my next post. LIttle weirdos!

  2. Oh and I love the new header photo with Hilly in it. I can see Halette when I look at it. It really captures their spirt.


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