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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

At Last...I Think

Right, so I emailed Graham again about whether or not I needed to sign one more thing. This was the second or third time I had emailed him about it, but I'm assuming the other emails got lost and are now floating aimlessly about the interweb. Anyway, he said that yes I did have one more thing to sign and that he needed his colleague to draw up the agreement. At least I was remembering correctly.

I have no idea when I'm going to sign this agreement. I hope it's soon because I really want to be able to say, "Hey Graham, I know I signed up to be a boarder but the best time for me to get a puppy of my own would be end of March. Think you can make it happen?" But I really don't know how. I would, of course, take the time between now and the beginning of my spring break to puppy sit as many times as possible, but I just can't take being puppyless much longer. I've waited a year and half (not including the summer with Hilly) to have my own puppy again and I'm so ready for that to happen. I went over to Erin's blog and she said something that really rang true. Not having a puppy is really BORING! Haha! I guess no one understands the puppy raising addiction quite like other puppy raisers.

Perhaps I should just say that? I'm ready for a puppy. I'll throw in a pretty please too just in case. I don't know though. I want my saying it to be perfect and I just haven't found the perfect way of saying it. I'd also like it to be in person if possible...but the next time I see him will be at the meeting on the 31st of January. Maybe I should just send him an email.

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