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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

I totally forgot to post this on the day because my brother came in for his visit and then other posts have been piling up so I haven't gotten around to it. But still, I feel like a horrible dog owner.  
Arwen, Hilly, and Rosie. Arwen is such a good sport.

Arwen in her Santa hat.
Arwen in front of the tree in our backyard.

A closeup of Arwen's wonky nose.
On January 2, 2012 my gorgeous golden girl turned 10!!!! I love her very, very much and couldn't imagine my life without her. We bred our golden Brandy and Arwen was puppy number 5 born. When we would have people over to look at the puppies we would have to shove Arwen in the back room so that no one would want her. Haha! She really is my absolute heart dog and, while my parents say she doesn't seem like she misses me when I go, I do think I see a difference in her when I get back for vacations. She was basically my dog from the time she was a year and a half and if I could she would be here with me right now. I love this girl!


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