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Monday, January 23, 2012

My Descent into Insanity

Well, today happens to be my birthday and I decided to do something special for it. Most girls would buy themselves some new clothes or shoes or make-up or something along those lines. What did I do for my birthday? I sent an email to Graham about a puppy.

Hence the post title about descending into insanity. There's a part of me that is thinking, "Why in the world did you send that!?" but then there the other part (the larger part) that is glad that I did. It's time for me to have a puppy again and I'm ready to jump into it head first. In the end, the pros definitely outweighed the cons. Being a puppy raiser (or puppy walker as I should get use to calling myself) is who I am. I was hooked from the first puppy meeting in June 2008 and I've been very good for the past year and a half in waiting.

So...how many of you guessed that I would put in for a puppy before I even had a chance to puppy sit? Haha! To be fair to me, I was a puppy sitter back in October so I waited a good long while.

Anyway, I'm not making any promises as to when I can expect to be holding a new little puppy in my arms. It really is up to Graham as to when that happens. I put in my preferred dates to receive one and we'll just have to see what happens. But it's nice to know that something is finally starting to happen.

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