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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Estee's First Litter and Pros&Cons

Estee's "G" puppies are finally home with their BKs. *big grin* Here are pictures of all of them. There's one black pup amongst the five yellow pups. There appears to be 3 males and 3 females though one of the names isn't really gender specific so I'm not too entirely sure. With that said, yes, I do know all of the names. But, I'm not going to post them up as I don't want to ruin the surprise for any raiser who might be getting an Ozzie/Estee puppy. None of my names were used *sad face* but they're all great names. There's one little girl's name that I absolutely LOVE!

The little black puppy of her litter. This is the one that isn't gender specific, but I think he's male. 

A little yellow female. She's got a wonderful name.
A little yellow male. He looks like the biggest to me.
Another yellow male. He's got my favourite out of the male names.
A yellow female. She's darker than the rest.
A little, yellow female. She's the one with my favourite name.
 Aren't they so cute! And they're so little. I think they're either just under a month or just over a month. If I didn't have puppy fever before I definitely have it now. Speaking of puppy fever...

Yesterday I couldn't focus on studying. I have an exam today and an exam tomorrow and studying much more seems a little pointless. I'm going to do as well as I'm going to. That doesn't mean that I'm not doing a last minute cram session tonight with a friend for the Psychology exam, but last night was really hard for me. So, I got to thinking about what I should do about a puppy of my own. Since I couldn't make a final decision I did what I always do when I just can't decide. I made a Pros&Cons list to clearly understand where I stand at this moment. Here's a photo of my pros and cons list.
My pros and cons list.
 My pros are "German Shepherd possiblity, A healthy distraction, puppy breath, expercise again, stress reliever, get it off my mind, it's who I am, and lif is boring without a puppy. My cons are "Needing to balance between school and puppy, 4 hour roleplaying games, little space in the flat, social life, the costs, the heart ache, and I would have to do more cleaning." As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons by number if only by one. At this moment I'm trying to decide if the cons outweigh the pros in gravity though. I've raised 3 puppies and I know how much time it takes...especially a baby puppy. But I know I'm up to the task. What did I decide? Well, it really is a tie so I decided to email Graham after my exams are finished and say something like, "I would really like a puppy of my own and I think I'm ready for one. I've been thinking about it and the best time for me to get a puppy would be at the beginning of my spring break which starts March 23. But I would like to puppysit once before fully committing. Would it be possible to put me on a list for a puppy for the end of March but take me off if, after I puppysit, I realise that it's not the right time for a puppy full time? Then the next best time would be beginning of June since it's the start of summer break and I'll be here for all but 3 weeks of the summer." I'm also going to say, as much as it kills me, that I would prefer an older puppy. One that is done with shots and can go everywhere...but I also want anything but a Lab. Haha! So, I could to a baby puppy if that's necessary for a not Lab. But know that the longest I'll have to wait for a puppy is five months is really exciting!

Also, I'm having trouble with my comments on this blog. I can view them, but I can't reply to them. Someone (can't quite remember the name right now) asked me to send them my email address so they could invite me to their blog. I'm just gonna post it up here for you since I can't find you on my followers and I can't reply to the comment. dramaqueenEEA92@gmail.com

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