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Friday, November 11, 2011

Discussion Day 1

Alright, so yesterday I told you guys that I wanted to get a discussion going on the blog. I told you the topic and set out some rules. What got me thinking of this particular topic was this interview. A recap you ask? Why sure! But never say that I didn't give anything to you.

What I would like discussed is the issue of Guide Dog Puppies in Training in High Schools. It's a subject that is near and dear to me personally and I'm just betting that it's a topic that's pretty close to some of you as well. I told you yesterday that I wanted to discuss this topic over three days with each day devoted to a particular issue. If after the three days I haven't discussed something that you think should be covered then by all means post a comment on the post of the third day and I'll extend the discussion. After the discussion is over I will devote a post to my own opinion on the subject, but not before. I don't want my opinion influencing yours in any way.

Also, I would like to let all of you know that I (nor anyone else) will judge you based on your opinion of the subject. It's your opinion and no one should penalize you for having one even if it is different from their own. I'm very interested in this subject and am trying to gather as many different opinions as possible so that I can be as informed as possible. Having said that, if there are any comments that I deem to be offensive towards another follower of mine I will delete the comment and find a way to contact you privately and ask you to be kinder in the future. This is no place to be rude.   

So, are we all ready to begin?

Issue for Day 1: Obviously, allergies and fears should be taken into consideration when a school is deciding whether or not to allow a service dog in training, but I've heard it used as the final decision where otherwise the school would have said "yes". Should other students with allergies or a fear of dogs be the final decision on whether or not to allow a puppy raiser to bring their PIT to school?

Please elaborate on your opinion as long or as short as you want (though I would prefer a lengthy explanation as it's more fun for me).


  1. I have been bringing my puppies with me to high school for the last 4 years. I have never received a single complaint based on a fear or allergy. I have always made sure to get my teachers' contact information and get in touch with them before the school year and leave it up to them to contact other students.
    Recently my friend began bringing her PIT to another local high school. The principal there was amazingly supportive. He sent out emails to his staff and sent out a call to every family, telling them about what a great program GDB was and asking parents to contact him personally if they had any problems.
    Rather than receiving complaints, he was called by several families asking how they could get involved.
    It is my opinion that parents or students that have a complaint should simply be able to transfer to another class rather than take such a wonderful opportunity away from an entire community. :)

  2. When I was in high school I took my dogs to school almost everyday. I had kids come up to me later in the school year, and tell me that they were normally scared of big dogs or just dogs in general but when they saw how well behaved and sweet mine were they werent afraid as much. There were times where i would have a student who had allergies (not severe) to dogs, so i did my best to comprimise. I would always have a set desk and would try to sit as far as i could away from anyone with allergies. I also was lucky that there was another raiser on campus so if it had come down to it I could have sent the puppy with her. I honestly had no issues with my dog being at school granted I was at a private school so that probably helped some. In my opinion schools should not let fears be an issue. My reason being is they should work on their fear. we arent going to tell someone they cant walk their dog near someones house cause that person is scared of dogs. I say if there is a student with a fear of dogs in the class keep that student and the student with the dog seperated in the class room. For allergies I think before you say no to the dog at school see if anyone who would be in contact with the dog would have an allergie to the dog. Also find out about the allergie if its just they cant touch the dog then it should be fine to still allow the dog in the class room, but if they cant be in the same room as the dog because of the allergie then maybe not allow the dog in classes with that student. My best plan is give the idea of a puppy in training at the school a month long trial if nothing comes up continue if there is an allergy reaction or the dog is acting up bad then you can say you tried but it wont work. I know as a raiser id rather be told no cause its been proven not to work rather then just because something might happen

  3. I'm posting this for a friend who can't join my blog and post comments.

    Bentley's Raiser says: Allergies and fear...Should we not allow blind people in public places because of thes...e two problems that others may have? I believe that puppies in training are special cases and should be recognized as such and not be thought of as just a pet being brought in from home. Any school that would not allow these puppies to train, should be given a copy of the Americans with Disabilities Act so they understand the importance of allowing these pups to train in social settings that they could potentially come in contact with as a working guide. If that doesn't work, I would ask those that are in opposition, to blind fold themselves for no less then 6 hours during their normal working day. Maybe then they could understand how important these K-9's are.


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