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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Phase Report

Hermes     46Y1     LAB     M      In Class!!!!

Halette      45Y4     LAB     M      8

Belle puppy EPIC is also in phase 8 this week! I hope that Epic and Halette find their perfect partners soon! I'm very glad that Hermes has!

I'm hoping to start a discussion, but I want to start it tomorrow so that I can really work on how I want to present it. There are three issues on this topic that I wish to bring up so there will be three days of discussion. I'll post the topic I want to discuss today, but please don't post your opinion just yet. Take some time to think about it and what you want to say. Then I'll post the issues and then post what you've thought about. If, at the end of the three days, I don't bring up something you've discussed please post it on the last day and I'll extend the discussion.

Topic: Guide Dog Puppies in High School

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