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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I keep flip flopping over whether or not I should stay here for the winter holiday or fly back to California. You see, I could go home and see Hilly and Arwen and Rosie and meet all the new puppies we've got in our group or I could stay here and I have a puppy to puppy sit all winter break. I think staying here and puppy sitting would be a great opportunity for me to learn how to handle a puppy here as I'll have it for a long period of time. BUT! I miss Hilly a lot. I would very much like to see her and I would feel horrible picking a dog I don't even know over my own Hilly-Bean. It's not like I won't be able to puppy sit during next semester but on the other side of that coin, it's not like Hilly won't be there over the summer.

Any suggestions, comments, advice?

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  1. How many more years do you have in Scotland? If this is the last year, and knowing you'll be home by summer, it might be a great opportunity to be there over Christmas. Besides, the opportunity to puppy sit, winter travel is awful!


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