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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Final Preperations

Well, November is upon us once again. November, for those of you who don't know, is national blogging month. The challenge: to write a coherent post every day of the month of November. Like last November I shall be taking on this challenge to write a post a month. I don't promise that they'll all be award winning posts, but they'll all be written and out there for the public to read. Today the fist post for National Blogging Month will be about my preparations for my Home Interview tomorrow.

It's been quite a long time since I had someone come into my home and inspect it to make sure that it was suitable for a Guide Dog puppy. The first time was way back in 2008 when I was preparing for my first little ball of fur who ended up being Freya. At this point it was my dad, my brother, and myself. Needless to say in this home run by men decorations were scarce and there was a bit of clutter...well, everywhere. My dad, brother, and I are all pack rats (a quality of mine own that I feel gets better when there's a puppy around because it's dangerous to do it). Basically, it was a matter of picking things up from puppy reach and fixing the hole in our backyard fence. Easy and simple enough.

The second time was when we merged families and my dad and step mom moved into a house together in 2009. I think this was more of, "We want to see your new house on the lake." rather than inspecting it. So, really at that time, I wasn't at all nervous about what they would say.

This time, I'm pretty darn nervous. I've never raised in an apartment before and I'm nervous that our little place won't make the cut. So, I've been pre-puppy proofing the flat for the last week. Today will be the final preparations which will include mowing the lawn (if the weather stays nice), vacuuming my room (as long as our vacuum cooperates), and cleaning my desk up. The rest of the flat is what it will be and I have realised that I won't be able to allow a puppy into our kitchen until he/she is very mature. and knows not to pick things off the floor.

Lots of work to do today with school and with puppy stuff, but I'm glad I'm finally getting into puppy raising here.

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  1. If you have any questions about raising in an appartment ill do my best to answer them


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