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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Phase Report

Halette     45Y4     LAB     8
Hermes    4Y61     LAB     8
Belle puppy EPIC is also in Phase 8 today! I hope we have some graduations soon!

Now, I realise that this might be cheating a little when it comes to a post a month. So, I'll try and come up with a little something else to post along with the phase report.

Does anyone else out there with CC pups feel a little sad still sometimes? Don't get me wrong, Hilly is absolutely the perfect pet for me and my family. She and Rosie play all day and that helps my parents control Rosie and her poodleness a little more and Hilly has done was Rosie couldn't do. She's made Arwen play. I guess Arwen just needs a dog her size...well her strength to play with. And I'm pleased and punch that I get to say, "That's my dog." But, I do feel a little sad every now and again that she's not in training becoming a Guide. Maybe it's because she's got siblings in training or because she messed up my perfect score (Haha! I'm just kidding about that one). Again, I don't regret adopting her at all. I think she was meant to be mine, but if it weren't for that dog distraction thing, she would have made a great Guide. Ah, well! She gets to be a therapy dog when I get back from University, so that's good!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of Freya enjoying her birthday present I sent.
Freya looking up at the camera with her unopened nylabone at her feet. She seems to be saying "I think she wanted me to chew it, not stare at it."
Freya making a funny face as she chews on it for the first time.
Freya laying down and chewing on her new, giant nylabone.

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