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Monday, November 14, 2011

Discussion Day 4

I love watching those posts views rise higher and higher. *smile*

Thanks again for all your great insight! It's wonderful to hear every one's point of view and absorb all of your good ideas. Now, today would have been the day that I told you all my point of view of whether or not Guide Dog Puppies and other service dogs in training should be allowed in school, but a point was raised by one of my...long time readers. Haha! I've always wanted to say that. Seriously though, this point was raised by Cassie who is a long time puppy raiser and group leader. Cassie's puppy, Poppy, graduated with my Freya back in May 2010 and since then she's raised Dagan and Foley and is now on Scooter. (Yes, she has lucked out in the name game of her last puppies). I'm interested to see what you guys think of her question.

Cassie's Question: If a student is allowed to bring a puppy in training to school should they take it to school every day?

I believe this is less about school policy and more about puppy policy, but it's still an interesting question and I shall add my answer to the rest of it when I tell you all my opinion. If any of you still having pressing questions that you would like answered in regards to this topic then please post away and we'll get it answered.


  1. I think cassie asked a great question. I know I have done different amounts of time at school with my pups. I always based my decision on how well the puppy could stay settled in class. Medford was my first one who pretty much went to school with me everyday but even with him if he showed signs he was going to have an off day I would leave him at my appartment. Also I have always had a rule not to take my pups to school if i have a test that day. That allows me to focuss and other students to focuss on the test rather than the dog. So I would say no I would not take a dog to school everyday but that its good to take your puppy often as possible to school.

  2. I asked because my rule in my group is that the puppies, with few exceptions, should not be at school all day every day. It has nothing to do with the dog though. Looking back at my time as a raiser (jr high, high school, college, adult), I feel like there are times that kids (up to teens, not talking college here) need a chance to be a kid. When your puppy is with you, you have to be a parent. You are parenting that puppy, but also frequently disciplining your peers who are not interacting with the puppy appropriately.

    I have 2 exceptions to this rule. In one family, the dad teaches at the same school, so the puppy always has a safe spot or time out spot set up. The other has a teacher that attends puppy meetings (FFA teacher) so that she can be a support person on campus. That campus also has a brand new kennel facility for the FFA program. It was the teacher who lead the student to get involved.

    It is the part about the kids needing time to be kids that I did not recognize in my younger years :-)


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