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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My First Puppy Sit

Now, when I first emailed Graham I felt a little ashamed. A girl my age should have learned patience by now. But nothing but good came of that email.

I was really hoping for news of my own puppy, but I guess no news might mean that I'll be getting a baby and it hasn't been born yet. I won't lie, I'm hoping that's the case. I haven't had a baby in almost two years and I'm so ready for the whole puppy breath experience again. Haha! Anyway, he didn't email me back with any news of my own puppy but did say he had a puppy who needed a home for a week starting on Friday.

You might remember Quiz from one of my first posts after I got back to Aberdeen. When I went to the first puppy class after getting back I worked with a loud mouth, black lab named Quiz. She made me giggle, but she did have to give her opinion on everything. I like bratty black labs so she and I got on famously. Well, guess which puppy needs a home for a week?

That's right! Quiz! You see, her raisers at the moment have a funeral on Monday and it's pretty far away. So they're travelling during the weekend and spending some time down there and will be headed back up on Friday. Quiz is 13 months old and will be headed back for formal training at the beginning of March. So she's an older puppy who has a lot of energy. I think this is perfect for me (not counting the fact that she's a black lab female) because having a puppy with a lot of energy will be the perfect test of how I'm to balance social life, school life, and puppy life.

It should be a lot of fun! I'm hoping that everything I've ordered will get here by tomorrow when Graham drops her off. As of right now I'm waiting on toys and a dog bed. Those are two fairly important things when it comes to puppy raising.

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