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Friday, February 17, 2012

Quizie's Gone

Well, Quiz is away. She's headed down to Forfar for harness training. I think she'll do well. The thing that'll get her is her distractions. Haha! Anything that moved would catch her attention. Hopefully she'll mature a little as she's only 14 months. I told Graham that she had a slight yeast build up in both ears and that I'd been cleaning them twice a day, but that they should look at them anyway. And that there was a possibility of a bladder infection. It hadn't occurred to me until yesterday, but she shouldn't have had some of those peeing accidents because she had just gone before leaving the house. He said he'd put the peeing stuff down when they got there as it's something they may not catch.

He didn't have any real news for me, just that not all of the puppies had be allocated. Which means that he doesn't know what kind of puppy I'm getting which includes breed, gender, and age. I'm secretly hoping that means that I'm getting a baby. *Grin* He did say that he should know soon and as soon as he knew I would know. Hooray! I'm getting pretty darn excited!

Good Luck Quizie!

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