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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Phase Report

Halette     45Y4     LAB     F     8

I know, I know. I said last week that it would be my last phase report post. Well, Halette was taken out of class and put back into training. This isn't an unusual occurrence at all. Sometimes the matches just don't work out and, personally, I'm so glad that it was discovered before Halette went home. It's a much easier fix this way. Here's to you Halette. *smile* You're perfect person will come soon.

I also thought I would give you an update on our pups. Lance was dropped back to phase 7 of training. This is also not an unusual occurrence. Last week I was hoping it was just a mistake but he's in 7 this week as well. My best guess is this; phase 8 is where they do the final blind fold test to see if the pup is "class ready". I'm guessing Sir Lance-a-lot made a little mistake and they put him back a phase to work on it before they tried testing him again. Keep in mind though, that's just my guess. No biggie. Lance is doing just great!!

Danvers is in phase 4 up at the Oregon campus. Go Danvers! He's half way there!

Tippin joined her friends up for training last weekend and is currently being evaluated for a breeder. We haven't heard anything in this past week which means that she's still in breeder evals! She is such a nice puppy and I have such high hopes for her! *grin* First PWAP breeder? I'm thinking so. Since the only puppy that we've had in breeder evals since I've been with PWAP is Royalty (though both Freya and Hilly were on breeder watch as puppies and taken off before entering training) and she was dropped really quickly I thought I would let you all know that Breeder Evals is also known as the Black Hole. Puppies go in and we don't really hear anything about how they are doing unless one of three things happen. The first is that they are CC'd for medical reasons. The second is that they are dropped from Breeding, spayed/nuetered, and put into harness training. And the third is that they become a breeder. We're really hoping for that last one for Tippin.

Finally, Stuart and Teesha are both on this next recall. Teesha will be joining her sister Tippin in San Rafael for breeder evals (I really am hoping that both of these girls become breeders) and Stuart will be joining Danvers in Oregon to start his formal training. The next recall for San Rafael is February 24 and the Oregon recall is March 2. Stuart has to be at the campus is San Rafael by March 1 for transport to Boring but I'm thinking Nancy will drive him up on the weekend of the San Rafael recall.

Go Puppies! Erin is so proud of you!

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