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Friday, February 3, 2012

Outdoor Run

One of the main differences I've found so far between raising in the States and raising in the UK is the backyard issue.

Let me explain a little. Back home you must live in a place with an enclosed backyard with a fence at least five feet high. It's actually a really big thing. Before you get a puppy you have a home inspection from your club leaders. They check to make sure that your home is safe for the puppy, tell you things that you should move so that the puppy can't get into them, and check your backyard (or designated relieving area). At my first house back home the backyard really wasn't an issue. The only thing we had to fix before we received our first puppy was the hole in the fence between us and our neighbours which had been caused by our dogs trying to get to their dogs and vise versa and me climbing the fence to play with Lilly and vise versa. Personally, I'm surprised that fence lasted the twelve years we lived there. The issue came with the house I moved into at the beginning of my senior year. The fence in our backyard was only three and a half feet high but we lived on a lake and the fence around the whole lake was six feet high. So, I figured the puppy would have to jump over our fence, swim across the lake, and then jump over the six foot fence to get out. But we were told to make the fence at least five feet high. Chicken wire was our answer! We fixed it, the housing association threw a hissy fit, they got over it, and that was that. And we're never allowed to have our puppies off leash unleash they're in the house or in an enclosed backyard.

Here, I don't have an enclosed back garden at all. I have people with enclosed back gardens around me (which I guess means that I have an enclosed back garden). And yet, I'm still allowed to raise a puppy. All I had to do was buy an outdoor puppy run to enclose a relieving area. I've chosen to enclose the concrete patio area so that I don't kill the grass and, because I don't have an enclosed backyard, there is a chance that an unknown dog could come around. That is potentially dangerous for a puppy who hasn't had all of their vaccinations yet. Concrete is safer. And, here's the strangest part for me, we're allowed to do "free runs" with the puppy. That means we can take them to the park, let them off the leash, and let them play.

With all of that said, I've bought my outdoor ex pen. It's not as tall as I would like it to be, nor is it as easy for me to open and close, but it was fairly cheap. I wish I had more to say on the matter, but I don't. At the moment, the most interesting development is that I've bought an outdoor run.  

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