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Saturday, February 19, 2011

February:Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa Fact #19

If you go to your optometrist with concerns of your sight you may be referred to a specialised eye doctor (ophthalmologist) for further testing. The testing process varies from person to person and case to case. There are a few tests that can be performed in order to determine whether or not you have RP. An examination of the retina is always carried out. This examination happens after the doctor give you eye drops that will dilate your eyes (I've had this done once as a routine thing and I hated it) so that (s)he can get a better, clearer view of the back of your eye. Once your eyes are dilated you're sensitive to light and your vision is blurry (or in my case, blurrier) and take FOREVER to wear off. You can also have pictures of your retina taken with a special camera. These come in handy for future visits especially if you've been diagnosed with RP because they can help tract the progression of the disease. A visual field test can also be conducted (I get one every time I see my optometrist and as far as my knowledge goes I'm still able to see most of the dots of light). There is also the colour vision test. Most of us have had these. It's where you get little cards with dots of colours and a specific colour is in the shape of a number and you're asked to identify the number. (source)

(Note: Did you know that I have trouble identifying the number when it's the red and green card? I also have trouble telling different colours of dark blues and purples apart unless I focus on them. I can tell Lavender from Sky Blue but the blue used for uniforms and dark purple all look black to me unless I really, really look at them. I was rather upset when I was the only one at camp who couldn't tell that was a "17" in the middle of the card).

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