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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Post Card from Freya

Hello All!

Well, the fam and I have been here in South Korea for a little over a week now...more like a week and a half. We're settling in nicely to a daily routine, but M--- and I are still a bit of a novelty item here. We haven't seen another Guide Dog team around the whole time we've been here. When we go walking down the street people point and say things that I don't fully understand...I'm still learning the new language. You will see, however, that we've changed the sign on my harness to match our new home. It's now in Korean which I think is awfully cool! You will also notice that I am wearing my booties. Now, I tolerate them well enough, but I sure don't like the things. But, M--- and R--- say that I have to wear them because it's below freezing here every day and they don't want my pads to get hurt. They also say it's far more muddy than back in Alabama, so they help keep me clean as well. But, hey, sometimes a girl just wants to roll in the mud. It's something that Mommy never understood either. Whenever I would roll in the mud she could give me a bath. *sigh* Humans. Sometimes I just don't understand you.

Now, I've said that we are a bit of a spectacle here. That's definitely true where taxis are concerned. M--- and I were trying to get a taxi the other day and not just one but TWO taxis refused to let us in because I'm a "dog". They wouldn't even let M--- open the door. That was a bit of culture shock let me tell you. We finally found a taxi, but it was a black taxi. Those are the "luxury" taxis and it did cost us a bit more to get to where we were going.

Other than the taxi thing and having to wear my booties EVERYWHERE I'm really having fun with the fam in our new home.

Lick and Love!

PS: R--- takes sooo many pictures of M--- and me that I have a hard time choosing. So, sorry for the influx of pictures.

The booties again!

Like the new sign?
Here we are heading into work. Jeez! You'd think they'd make these things Doggie friendly.

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