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Friday, February 25, 2011

A New Adventure Coming Soon

I finally heard back from the woman with whom I was in contact with from GDB UK. Ok, technically I heard back form her in October, but my mobile apparently doesn't like to alert me to the fact that someone had left a message. There still is no sign that there was a message left back in October, but I trust that she did call and my phone was just being annoyingly finicky.

Anyway, I'm still not in a position to puppy raise, or become a puppy walker (that's what they call Raisers here.) But, I'm tired of not being part of GDB back home and I want some structure in my life. I've been feeling restless and I figure if I have to walk somewhere everyday it will help with this restless feeling I've been having. (I'm probably going to become a gym member as well, but that's a different story.) Seeing as I can't be a Puppy Walker right now, I opted to become part of the Fundraising Team. It's not ideal, but it means I'll start volunteering with the organization and meeting people and puppy walkers in my area. It'll be good for me.

We also talked about the kind of accommodation I would need for the puppy. She said ground floor, but I think I might be able to get away if I said I would carry the puppy down until it hit about 4-5 months old. I do need a private garden for the pups relief area...that'll be fun to find. I was originally looking for a place with my friend Lisa, but she's still not sure if she's allergic to dogs. She got blood work done about a month ago and they've apparently lost her results so she's had to go back and get more blood drawn. I feel slightly guilty, but I know she would have done it anyway. I might start looking for a place anyway that meets the criteria and if she's allergic to dogs then I just won't raise or I'll have to find another flat mate. We'll see what happens, but at least now I know exactly what I need to look for in a flat.

Wish me Luck!


  1. Go, Erin! I didn't know that GDB reached out to the UK!

  2. So cool. GDF calls us Puppy WAlkers as well :)


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