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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Puppy Name Guessses

So, today's the big day! Well...alright, it's still yesterday in California. It's the 9th here though. That's why I waited until after sleep time for me to post these; because I was tired and it's still way before the time of the puppies' arrival. Anyway, I have a lot of guesses, but if one of you guessed the name on the blog here then the prize will of course go to you.

As you can see, at least on the first picture, I successfully guessed that we would be receiving a male yellow lab and a female black lab. The names are written underneath the picture and the ones in BOLD are my favourites and the ones that are underlined are ones that I now know are in use.

My "S" Names
Suilean, Sherlock, Shylock, Slider, Sully, Suliven, Sylvester, Sammy, Socrates, Sailor, Sudney, Sable, Santa, Scotland, Scotty, Saber, Semla, Sanjay, Sancho, Samuri, Scout, Sawyer, Squib, Saturday, Sonny, Serge, Seven, Steve, Stephen, Stevie, Seth, Seamus, Sebastian, Shane, Sherwood, Sheldon, Sid, Sigmund, Shiloh, Smithy, Solar, Sinclair, Solomon, Samwise, Stanford, Spencer, Sparrow, Strom, Skylar
My "T" Names

Tally, Tibby, Tibetha, Tesla, Teslow, Tamera, Tiara, Tweety, Taylor, Tipper, Teal, Tesco, Texas, Trisha, Trixie, Tak, Thanks, Tibble, Tommy, Tallulah, Tallis, Tracey, Tammy, Tangela, Tea, Tennessee, Teressa, Terri, Tina, Topaz, Torah, Tranquility, True, Tuesday, Twilight, Tia, Tilly, Toni, Tonya, Tawni, Taelor, Taffy, Taja, Tala, Talia, Tammie, Tenaya, Tansy, Tasha, Tempest, TaraLyn, Thora, Tiffany, Toilichte, Twinkle, Toshiba

I'm very excited to "see" these new puppies. If you haven't seen it yet, please check out the PWAP facebook fan page. All you have to do is type Pwap: Puppies with a Plan into the search bar at the top and it should come up or click on the link I have provided you. Please "Like" it so that you can see all the going ons of our group.

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