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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fun Day (Part 3 - Ferry Ride)

Our club goes on the ferry into San Francisco after Fun Day as a special outing. Of course, the leaders decide whether or not the puppy is old enough or confident enough to take the ferry. This year all of our pups were old and confident enough to ride the ferry. It was really nice to have a big group on the ferry. I didn't take it with Freya way back in '09 because she was the only puppy old enough at the time to ride the ferry and last year there were only three puppies who went. So, it was really niec to have *almost* the whole group this year.

First off, the ferry ride was the first day we were trying Hilly on more food. Let's go into this lovely story about how Hilly got her food increased.

On Fun Day we went over to the CFR booth to get Hilly's body score (she was "ideal" with a 5, but the All-Knowing Jim said she could gain 5 pounds and be fine) and the CFRs noticed that she was drooling (like, icky drippy thick goop drool). One of the CFRs said that she was obviously stressed and when I tried to say that she wasn't stressed just expecting food for being very, very good around all these other dogs she wouldn't let up. Thankfully, the All Powerful Jim came to my rescue and said that Hilly wasn't a stressful dog and that I should try uping her food by a quarter cup every meal.

So! Hilly got more food that morning and had more food in her bait bag and her drooling wasn't *too* bad. It was more like a stream instead of a river. (And since then her drooling has gotten so much better)

We boarded the ferry and all the puppies did wonderfully. Here's a picture of Hilly of the ferry.

Hilly on the ferry. She was a little concerned because I had left her momentarily, but nothing like she used to do.

Hilly and Lance cuddle up on the ferry. Hilly is resting her head on Lance's rear end.

Then we got off the ferry and the puppies did great crossing the street in busy traffic and then waiting for the bus we were going to take to Pier 39. We ended up waiting through two busses before we decided just to walk to the Pier. We thought it was a great idea until we remembered that Snyder always walks at a turtle's pace and then we remembered that Schroeder and Snyder and Lance have pano. Haha! So, it was slow going to the Pier. Hilly did great considering all the dogs and noise distractions. She didn't get too excited and over zealous. I was proud of her. Hilly also was nervous, distracted, or scared when R2D2 came around for a visit. Hilly standing next to R2D2. She is not impressed.

We didn't have a lot of time at Pier 39, but we had a good lunch and walked around a little and Erin got fudge! I love fudge! We also discovered that Tippin would love to come live with Erin in Scotland. :D She's such a fun, adorable, cute puppy. I'm thinking about seeing if we can't to a puppy swap for a day before Hilly goes back just so I can see how Hilly does with another person...and so I can spend some quality time with Tip.

We then walked back to the ferry terminal and right across the street there is a really cool water display. Hilly loved it and thought it was so cool to walk around and under the water. Not all the pups had the same joy as Hilly though. I must admit, it's some pretty intimadating stuff. But Hilly, as always, took joy in her work.

Hilly is front of the this amazing water display.

Then we got back on the ferry, back in the car, and went home. I really wish I had gotten a picture in the car on the way home because Hilly rode the whole way asleep in my lap. Since she's not a cuddler, I was very happy with this new turn of events. :)

Up next...Hilly late 16 month post.

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