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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hilly's Last Meeting

This was a very special meeting for Hilly. We have a tradition that we celebrate when a puppy in our group moves on into the next phase of their lives. This is a tradition that I started over a year ago. I'm pretty proud of myself for starting the tradition of cookies or other such treats to celebrate our dogs. Today's meeting was Hilly's special celebration. I even made her a nice cake and everything. Check it out!

Hilly's cake. It says, "Proud to be a Career Change"

"But wait Erin," you say, "I thought you said that Jim was really proud of Hilly's progress?" Indeed Jim was. He was very impressed with how far Hilly came. He even went as far as to compliment me...TWICE (if you know Jim you know he can be a little negative at times, but all for the right reasons). The problem is that Hilly just couldn't get to the end. She overcame so, so much in the short time that I had her and I think she could have gotten to a recall if I had her for a little longer.

I'll tell you what happened. Jim was all set to put her ont he September 5 recall. He even had "recall Sept. 5" written on his paper. Then he just had to ask how she was with dogs she didn't know well. I wasn't about to lie to him, so I told him the honest truth. The truth apparently wasn't good enough to keep her on that recall. So...oh well. She was officially CC'd for being "unreliable." That just means that she would sometime react around dogs and sometimes wouldn't. She chose specific dogs to act crazy around too. Mostly little dogs or dogs with pointy ears. She would whine. You can't have a dog in harness whining because they're not aloud to play with the other dog.

In truth, by the end of the week he gave me to see if I could work some miracle, I didn't think it was the right choice. She was showing little improvements every day. I won't lie and say that I think she definitely would have graduated, but I would have liked to see what would have happened once she got into formal training. But, I'll never get that chance so there's no use in dwelling on it right?

What I know now is that Hilly is my first Career Change and is my forever girl. Check out her blog to keep up with her.

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