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Monday, August 8, 2011

New Class

I would like to congratulate the class that just graduation from the San Rafael campus this past Saturday. May you have many years together as a working Guide Dog Team.

And I would like to welcome the new class to the campus today! Dog Day is Wednesday...wonder if Rocco will be in there somewhere.

*sits by the phone and waits*


  1. I'm with you on the anticipation of a phone call. I'm excited to hear when both of our boys go into class. :)

  2. I was totally not prepared when the email came about Truf. Last I knew she was in phase 8 and NOT class ready. At least you know more about the cycle of things at GDB. I figured it was normal to get 10 days notice that she was going to graduate - in fact I was a little miffed that they couldn't have called earlier so I could have made cheaper travel plans. It wasn't till I got up there that they told me she was a last minute replacement.
    Kind of glad i was spared more agonizing waiting for her to be placed.


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