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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rocco's Graduation (Part 1)

*Warning! LONG and LOTS of pictures*

Graduation day for me started out really early in the morning. Mary and I wanted to leave at 6:30am just in case there was traffic, but Candie was driving and she said that we could leave by 7am and be just fine. So, Mary and I are standing outside of Mary's house at 6:50 waiting for Candie. She was running a little late and, of course, Mary and I were going crazy. Haha!

We ended up getting there just fine and a little early. It was just enough time for Mary to check Lance into the kennels and for us to go to Panera and inhale some soup before checking in at the Day Room. We sat with Rocky's raiser (who also graduated yesterday) and talked about how excited we were and how nervous we were to meet their new people. We waited a full 30 minutes to meet Rocco's new person and see Rocco again. I think it could be considered torture, but while we were sitting there a training comes up to us and says, "I was Rocco's trainer." It doesn't always end up that the dog and its trainer end up in class together. She told us how much she loved Rocco and that he learned really fast and really easy. Then she told us that Rocco was going to the most wonderful lady. It was so good for us to hear that because we had tried to call Thursday and Friday and never got through.

Finally, it was time to see our pups again. With Freya they led in all the graduates and let the raisers meet them there. They're doing it a little different now and leading the raisers to the graduate's room. I like this way a lot better because you're alone with the graduate right from the beginning. Also, last time at Freya's graduation, I was the last raiser to get paired with their puppy. This time Mary and I were the first (probably because Rocco's trainer was there and wanted to match us up first)! We went straight to their room and this is what I saw;

My first glimpse of Rocco and his new "mom," Ms.D.

Rocco's trainer wasn't lying. Rocco was paired with the most wonderful lady I could ever imagine! I could tell that she and Rocco were already totally in love with each other, but Rocco's heart is big enough for all of us. So, as soon as he saw me he decided that he would not be the good Guide Dog I know he is and went a little nuts! I brought both of them a gift in a lovely bag and guess what...Rocco ripped it when he jumped towards me. Haha! Right away Ms.D handed the leash to me (perfect way into my heart). I tried getting down with Rocco but he was just too crazy! So I said hello standing up. Ms.D also had people coming to the graduation as her cheering team and they were wonderful too (gosh, Canadians really are lovely people. I know people joke about that, but I think it's totally true). They adored Rocco so much and that's so nice to see.

Because Rocco was being so good Ms.D decided to give him a little treat. He's such a lab! His entire attention went from everyone to directly on her.

Rocco looking up at Ms.D after she gave him a treat. "Please Mom! Can I have more?"

But then he decided that he wanted to pose for the camera and be sociable. He's such a cutie pie! I don't know if you can tell from some of these pictures how BIG he's gotten but Ms.D said he was 72.5 pounds! He looks so good and has filled out so nicely.

Rocco looking straight at the camera with a goofy smile.
Rocco with Mary and Me. The light wasn't that great, but we're all smiling!

Rocco with Ms.D and Mary and Me. Rocco is looking right at Ms.D!

Then it was time for pictures. We were led from the room to the picture place and took all of our pictures. Obviously Ms.D got her picture alone with Rocco then Mary and I took a picture with her and then we did separate raiser pictures.

Rocco and Ms.D in the picture room.

A close-up of my handsome boy in his harness!

Mary with Rocco and Ms.D in the picture room.

After pictures we were allowed to visit some more. I of course took more pictures. We exchanged gifts and Rocco knew that there were a lot of toys for him and he kept looking over at the suitcase where they were packed! Silly boy! Ms.D had also never heard that Rocco will be Mr. May for the 2012 calender so I got her one of those.

Rocco and Ms.D with the dead present bag.
Rocco smiling and looking all happy in harness.

Then it was time to go back to the Day Room and get ready to present our puppies. Stay tuned for Rocco's Graduation (Part 2) either later tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Congrats Rocco! I can't wait to read part 2, he and his handler will go far together!


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