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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Letter! (And Some Lasts)

I got the official letter today! The one that tells me who Rocco is paired with and where he's going to be living and working. So...guess where he's going!

Ontario Canada!!!!!!

I can't believe he's going to Canada. I'm so very, very excited! This will be the second puppy in a row to graduate and go to Canada! Pauli and now Rocco. He's also been matched with a woman. I expected him to be matched with a man because of his size.

Now, I'd like to point out...I have a working guide in South Korea and soon a working guide in Canada. When will I get a dog working in California? Haha!

On to the Hilly update!

Hilly went to play with Bella today. Bella is the new wheelchair guide for the lady who lives in my town. I went to help her shop today. Hilly and Bella are best friends. They're about a year apart in age, but they definitely love each other. This may be the last time that Hilly gets to play with Bella and it was definitely her last shopping trip with them.

She also went to her last hair appointment today. I know my hair stylists is going to miss her. She loves all of my puppies. Hilly (and all of my puppies) loved going there because they knew that all rules were pretty much put on hold. The hair ladies got to pet her and love her.

I can't believe she's doing all these lasts. I think tomorrow we'll be going to Whole Foods for the last time to say good bye to all of her fans there. We'll also be going to the movies tomorrow to see Hilly's last movie.

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  1. Congrats!!! I'm sure Rocco will make a wonderful guide, because you've done a wonderful job raising him! Also, Good luck with Hilly! Maybe another graduate!


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