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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hilly's Last Chance

As most of you know, Hilly came to me as a last resort. This is why I got her so old! (Ok, so 14 months isn't exactly old, but to puppy raisers the pup is old as soon as they hit one year) So, instead of Career Changing her at 14 months she was sent to me for what I like to call "remedial training". When I was told, "She's really dog distracted." I thought to myself, PHST! Can't be more distracted that Freya was. I can do this. Of course when I finally got her my first thought was, Why in the world have they kept this dog in the training this long!? I quickly found out it was because Hilly had the best work ethic as long as there wasn't another dog around.

So, for almost the past three months Hilly and I have worked really, really hard in getting over her dog issues. Let me tell you, this girl has made me so proud. We've overcome one obstacle after another and she just keeps getting better.

This is a picture of Hilly at her last Blind Babies outing. She's being loved on by 4 kids at the same time and is doing great! She loved the attention.


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