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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hilly's Last Whole Foods

I shop at Whole Foods a lot. It's not necessarily because they have good prices (because they really don't anymore) or because they sell only organic fruits and vegetables (because while farms do have to go through lots of vigorous standards they can still cut corners). I shop there because I am a vegetarian and I can get some food there that I really can't get anywhere else. Also, they sell pretty darn good dolmas in there pre-made food section!

So, since I shop there all the time for vegetarian options people really get to know me and my dogs. When I had Freya there was one cashiers that I would always go to because he knew me and my dog by name and asked all the time how she was doing even when she was back in training (it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was cute).

Today, Hilly got to say goodbye to some of her fans. Some of her fans include the cashiers and baggers who have come to know me personally just through talking about Guide Dogs. Other include little kids that she has never met before. I know she'll miss going to her Whole Foods where everyone loves her and thinks she is just the bees knees.

She got to strut her stuff today when a runaway tomato got caught under my foot. I kicked it and away flew the bright red ball. Thank you Hilly for not chasing it through the produce section and starting a wave of "That dog didn't even try to eat the food on the floor!" Phst! Eat it? Her? Never!

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  1. Love Whole Foods! Are you a vegetarian for health reasons or because of meat raising and processing methods or something else?


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