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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Baseball Game and Scrapbook

This past Saturday Hilly and I went to her last baseball game. She was so, so good (as always). She sat down under the seat and immediately fell asleep. She only woke up to drink some water and walk with me to get some fries. She did look up when the mascot "Parker" walked by us. She gave me this look as if she was asking, "Momma, what kind of dog was that?!" I had to tell her that it wasn't a dog but a giant, orange bear. Haha! We left before the end of the game because it was going so, so slow. It was about 9:30 when we left and it was only the top of the 6th.

Our team was also...sucking. That's the kindest way I can put it. Our pitcher got hurt at the top of the 4th and they brought in some new guy who should not be a pitcher. I don't ever pretend to be able to play like those players out there, but I think if I had been paid to do it and had two innings to warm up I would have been pitching better than he was. I wouldn't have been walking two people or so every inning. So, unfortunately, Hilly's last baseball game wasn't the best but I think she had a lot of fun

Pictures for you...Hilly sitting under the seat

Hilly being an awful good girl and not eating the peanut shells

Yes, I was shocked that she smiled for the camera too

Hilly is still smiling for the camera under her seat.

Hilly laying up against the seat in front of her. Yes, I am the raiser of a nut.

The last picture I have for you is the first page of Hilly's scrapbook. For those of you who don't know, I always do an old fashioned scrapbook for my pups.

Page 1: A turquoise page with a small soft yellow border a little in from the top and bottom. There are four pictures of Hilly. The three big pictures go diagonally from the lop left to the bottom right. In the top right corner there is a small picture of Hilly with "Guide Dog Puppy #3" to the side of it. Also going diagonally along with the pictures is her name "Hilly".


  1. Glad to hear Hilly did well! Love the last last picture of her, what a silly pup. Scraps books are awesome! I have one for Dozer. Sorry the team didn't do so well, maybe next time, eh?

  2. She's leaving so soon already! That's the hard part of getting a transfer :(


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