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Monday, September 20, 2010

Rocco's Transfer: September 13, 2010

It's easy to say that September 13, 2010 was one on of the hardest days of my life. I hated the idea of having to transfer Rocco to another person, but at least I loved where he was going and I liked the raiser. So some pictures of the day.

Before heading out, my boyfriend Ryan came over to say good bye to Rocco.
Then it was time for Rocco and I to head to Mary's house where we would load up the car with Rocco and Colorado and head down to Rocco's new home. It took us about an hour to get there, but we got there with no trouble. And I loved where he was going to be living. He has a giant backyard and lots of dogs to play with and two horses and two donkeys. He's just gonna have a blast there. He even has a pool. Though he didn't get in while I was there, I'm sure he's going to get in eventually.
While we were there we had a mini family reunion. Rocco's brother Rocky was just transferred to the same group. So Rocky and his raiser came over so that the two brothers could play. Rocco is a little stalkier and darker than Rocky.
That's Rocco on the right.
Rocky was the biggest water dog I've ever seen.
I almost snapped the picture in time. Rocky dunked his whole head under water because we put a toy that sank in the pool. None of us expected that.
If Rocco hadn't had gotten in the way you would have seen Rocky's whole face underwater.

This isn't Rocky and Rocco, it's Rocky and Toledo. Toledo is Rocco's new brother who was CC'd. Toledo was actually suppose to graduate with Freya.
A close up of Rocky. You can see the similarities and the differences. Rocky has a longer face that Rocco.

The two brothers again.Rocco in a bit of a time out because his paws started bleeding.
There are the two boys.
Me and Rocco and Rocky and his Raiser.
A few pictures of Rocco, me, and his new raiser.
There he is with his new family as we were leaving.
A picture of me and my boy.
I know that Rocco is having a whole lot of fun with his new people, but I still miss him a whole bunch. I hope that if he is CC'd (I don't think he will be except for his health) I get him back. Me and his new raiser will have had him for an equal amount of time and I would love that boy back if he decides he would rather be a pet. I never thought I would want a male dog, but I really, really got attached to Rocco. So, hopefully he'll graduate, but he's always got a home if he doesn't want to be a Guide Dog.
I miss you Baby Boy!


  1. It would be hard to transfer a puppy. I prefer being on the receiving end of getting Kyle as a transfer. It looks like Rocco has a great new family though. As you hear from them, you'll have to keep us updated on Rocco's progress.

    Will you be able to visit him at Christmas time?

  2. In fact I will be able to see him at Christmas! His new family always goes out of town during the holidays and this year they're leaving right about the time I'm getting in. :) So, instead of finding a sitter in their own group they've allowed me to come and get him for a week or so. I'm very excited to see him again. He'll be 11 months old by then and will have matured a lot!


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