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Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Puppy for the Group

Hey all! As some of you might know GDB had a lot of older puppies in the kennels and asked for volunteers to get start a puppy for someone waiting for an older transfer puppy. One of the families in my group volunteered and got their new starter puppy yesterday when the puppy truck came through town to pick up Mr. Colorado for formal training.

So Please welcome to PWAP...


Now, they were suppose to get a female Lab/golden cross Letter "F" (of which I now all but one of the names), but the poor dear got sick so they ended up with Luther. Great name if you ask me. My group is due for a bad name and I think I'm the next one to get a puppy in the summer when I get back from school...gulp!

Anyways, Luther is a Taylor/Butterfly Puppy. He was born on July 10, 2010. This means that he is 11 weeks old. He definitely needed out of the kennels. Taylor is a white Golden Retriever and Butterfly is a Black lab. So he is a Lab/golden cross. I know some of his littermates are black with big patches of white on their face. Look at the flickr littermate list. They're so cute.

Luther meets big brother Kendrick.

Pictures of Luther and his new Fam.

I hope I get to meet the little guy when I come back, but who knows, maybe he'll be gone to his other raiser. I don't know though. Maybe they'll want to finish him.


  1. Oh My Gosh!!! He is so cute!! I love his coloring it reminds me of Breeze. Breeze is just a lab but then we also have Sugar in our group and they look quite a bit a like! Hope your group has fun with him!!!

  2. He is adorable! He kinda looks like a cute little cartoon puppy in the first two pictures to me for some reason...


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