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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Suicidal Dog?

I haven't been doing my normal "Mostly Wordless Wednesday" for the past few weeks and I'm not going to do it today because I have so many pictures from the weekend that I want to get up there. Anyway I wanted to share this story with you.

My mom and step-dad have a balcony that leads from the guest room. Rocco has been on balconies before so when my step-dad and I were instructed with the task of moving and watering plants I didn't think twice when Rocco followed us out there to check out what we were doing. The laundry rack had collapsed so we were trying desperately to get the POS thing back together (luckily they got a new one at Ikea the next day) when someone started talking below our balcony. So what does my brain child decide to do? He thinks, "Hey, I'll go say hello! Never mind this wall in the way." So all I see is a yellow blur run to the side of the balcony and jump! Thankfully the wall was too high for him to clear because we were on the SECOND floor! I quickly grabbed his collar and threw him inside with a few curses under my breath and a few "Stupid DOG!"s here and there. When he looked at me as if he didn't know why I wouldn't let him out there with us I told him if he had survived that landing all the way down onto some poor person's car then I would have personally skinned him alive and had him for dinner. So either way he would have been killed. My question is this: Can dogs be suicidal?


  1. LOL noo some just don't have a good judge of heights. Take my foster dog this summer, she did jump at least one story off a balcony. Fell, got up and kept right on trucking.
    She had NO fear.

  2. Oh Rocco, you are so cute! :) But really, what happened to your brain!? haha


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