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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last Puppy Meeting

So, my Last puppy meeting was on September 9. It was really a party to celebrate one of my leaders, Candie. She has decided to retire so our group threw her a big pizza party. My CFR came. You know him right? The All Mighty Jim that's right! And people from other clubs came as well. It was pretty big. Unfortunately I was a little late, but I still got to take part in the festivities. I'm going to miss Candie when I get back. Just knowing that she won't be at meetings is a big shock to my system.

She did SO much for me and Freya. When my dad could no longer take Freya to school with him everyday and my principal was still being a meanie (only polite word I could think of to describe the way my principal was acting) she took Freya everyday. Without Candie I'm not too sure if I would have been able to finish Freya and then I probably would worry about censoring my words when it comes to my old principal. But it worked out great and I am forever thankful to Candie for all that she has done for me. I'm going to make a point of visiting her while I'm back from school during Christmas break.

What I didn't know when I walked into the pizza parlour is that my group was also, sort of celebrating me and Katlynn (she recently, like yesterday, got married and is moving away for school as well) too. They said a little bit about how sad they were to see us go and that made me tear up a bit. But what got me so emotional that I couldn't even cry was the fact that one of the members of the group made me a cake. I knew Candie was getting a cake, but when I saw mine I could barely speak. And it was Red Velvet Cake too! They know me so well. I'm not sure if she's ok with me putting her name on the Internet but I'm doing it anyway. THANK YOU JEN!!!! It was an amazing cake and I loved every bite of it. Oh, you guys see those two fondant paw prints? Those represent the two puppies that I raised for Guide Dogs so far and the print is a Scottish Knock Off. Loved it!
Now, if you guys thought my cake was impressive, take a look at Candie's cake.

I mean look at it! Isn't that just one of the best cakes you've ever seen!? And she did them all herself! Candie's cake has 32 paw prints. I've been waiting over two years for Candie to do another puppy and what does she do? She retires! But still, 32 puppies is quite an achievement.

When it was time to leave, with the rest of my cake in tow, I got pretty sad. I knew that this was the last meeting I would attend for a long time (until December) and that it was the last meeting that Candie would be at. So, I got a picture of me and my two amazing leaders.

For over two years these two ladies have been an amazing support system for me and not only with my puppies, but with my life. I was so sad to leave them both, but I'm going back soon (is 3 months really a long time?) and I'll be glad when I'm back for good (4 years, please I've seen longer). I never thought I would want to go back to my home town because it's so hot and just got boring after a while, but Guide Dogs made me change my mind because they put me in touch with this puppy group.

So, if I haven't said it enough already, I absolutely LOVE my puppy group! I can't wait to be back with them.


  1. Aww that's great, a good leader really makes all the difference imo!!! Good luck to you!!

  2. Those cakes both look so delicious!! It sounds like you have such a great puppy group!


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