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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "I Miss Most" Post

So it's time for the "What I'll Miss the Most" Post. That's right everyone. Rocco is leaving me tomorrow afternoon. Right now he's sitting next to me on his bed chewing on a new toy I bought him. It's a sterile marrow bone and I got it so that he can take it with him and have a little something of here so the transition will be easier. Anyway, on the to rest of the post.

Things I'll Miss the Most about Rocco:

1. Rocco's colouring. I describe his colour as a picture of a dog done by a little kid. Only, the little kid wasn't too sure what colour yellow she wanted to use for the doggie. So, the kid used all of them. He's got a really dark stripe down his back, but the roots of his hair are white. Then lower down he's got a peach colour and his underbelly is completely white. And he's got really apparent angel wings. He's also got a white tip on his tail. I think he's one of the prettiest coloured dogs out there.

2. His really long cow tongue. It's so long and I don't think he has much control over it at all. He's a very licky dog and I love that he'll wiggle into the room, wiggle over to a person, lick them in the leg, and wiggle on by. It's really cute.

3. His personality. It's no secret that I'm not the biggest fan of male dogs and that I prefer females over males, but I really like this boy. He's such a goober! You can tell he's smart, but at the same time he can get this deer caught in the headlight look that make you think there's no one in there. He stumbles over his own and feet and doesn't seem to care. I really, really like this big boy.

4. The way he;ll wake me up by putting both front paws on the end of my bed then jump off and do it again and again until I wake up. It usually means he has to go do his business or that he's really hungry. He doesn't do it all the time. It's only like once a week where he eats earlier or he didn't pee enough before he went to be, but I'll still miss it.

5. I'll miss having a dog follow me from room to room when I get up in the morning or when I decide to go back to my room from the living room. It's going to be weird to not have that happen.

6. Mostly though, I'm just going to miss him.

Tomorrow after Mary gets off work we'll be heading off to drop him off at his new raiser's house. I'm so glad that he's staying so close even if he didn't get to stay in my group.


  1. Aww I didn't realize he was a transfer pup!!! So sad you only have him for a short times! Good luck to hiM!

  2. Awe :( this made me all teary eyed. you did such a great job with him! his new raiser is going to have it so easy, you are handing over an amazing boy. he's going to make you so proud! Good luck Rocco! :)

  3. I hope the transfer went okay. Hopefully they will stay in touch and you can update us.


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