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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labour Day Weekend: Part 1

So, our weekend started off with a trip down to my mother's down in LA. Normally I drive the boy and myself down there, but this time we did things a little differently. Now, Freya was on the Bus and Train down there at 5 or 6 months old because she wasn't shy of anything. That girl had no fear. That is not the same with Rocco. Rocco showed a bit of noise shyness and noise distractions when he was a little puppy so we've put off going on the train until he was older. This seemed like a perfect time to do it because it'll be his last trip down to see my mom and he's almost 8 months old. So that is what we did this time.

Here's Rocco asleep on the Train. It didn't phase him at all. He really seemed to enjoy it.
Rocco laying down on the bus like a good boy.
I absolutely love this picture of him.
Though this has to be my favourite because it really shows off his tongue.
Such a happy boy!

I love how the sun bounces of his golden coat and shines real bright.
In both of these pictures.
One of the first things we did was go shopping for some orchids for my mommy. She loves orchids and she recently got her own classroom (yay! no more sharing!) and she wanted a few plants to liven up the small space. So please enjoy a few pictures of Rocco at various Orchid Farms.
I don't know what was up with the lighting here, but I like it!

The Orchid Farms were really close to the beach and I figured that it would be fun to take Rocco there and we hadn't had lunch yet so we sat at a bench in front of the ocean (none of us brought our bathing suits) and ate our lunch while Rocco got to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean.

This is my favourite picture at the beach.
I think if he were allowed he would have loved to swim in the ocean, but of course, we weren't really there for the day.
Coming up...Rocco has an encounter with a new kind of creature.


  1. ok cute pictures, I love his huge tongue too. next time you're in LA, let us know and we can meet up for lunch. Looks to me like Rocco wasn't too thrilled with flower shopping, poor guy.

  2. No, he wasn't too happy that we went flower shopping. I never let him eat any of the buds so he doesn't like going. HAHA!

  3. Every time i look at my orchids, I think about the first flower he chomped on... next to the "Please don't pick the flowers" sign


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