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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labour Day Weekend:Part 2

The rest of our Labour Day weekend was pretty relaxing, but we still did a few "new" things. Rocco went to Ikea for the first time last weekend. I LOVE Ikea, but we don't have one here. All we have is a distribution centre. I love going to Ikea with the puppies because it's hectic, crowded, and there are a plethora of new noises, sights, and smells. He did great there even when some little girl came up and started to pet Rocco just out of the blue and her dad said "Ask the lady what the dog's name is." I felt like saying "How 'bout asking the lady if she can pet the dog first?" But I didn't. I should have though...

Anyway, we also went to the LA Arboretum and saw these things. Yep, that's a peacock!
He was a good boy and smiled for the camera.
Then I stepped back and tried to take a better picture, but this is the look that he gave me. You can tell that he's really interested in something right?
Well, this is what he saw. I was pretty surprised that he was SO distracted because he really isn't interested in other birds, but he REALLY wanted to get to these things.
We didn't get to see any tail feathers, but we did see baby peacocks! These little guys just ran up to Rocco to see what the heck he was.

Anyway, we went on the the tropical flowers and this was right before we entered the green house.
Isn't that a cool tiki?
Not the best picture of Rocco but I thought those red flowers were just too pretty.
Now I'd like to show you the usual process of getting a good picture of Rocco.
Me: "Hey Rocco!"
Mom: "Rocco! *raises hand above his head* Rocco"
Me: "Rocco!"Me: "Roooocccccccoooooo!"
Me: "Rocco! Nice! Oh I'm a horrible person...shoot! He blinked!"
Rocco: "Maybe I'll give her a smile and she'll stop taking pictures."
Me: "Rocco boy! There's a smile, but you're not looking at the camera."

Rocco: "Fine. Cheese!"
Me: "Oh Good Boy Rocco!!!!"
From there we went to this cool fountain that I don't have a picture of. BUT! There was this cool looking tree next to the fountain.
I just love how there's green all around him.
Then went to find Queen Anne's Cottage (which was gorgeous) and on the way we bumped into some very pretty flowers.
I really love these blue flowers.
I love this picture of him!
Though I think this is my favourite of him in front of the blue flowers.
This is now my computer desktop wallpaper. This is definitely my overall favourite picture of the day.But I also really like this one. He wasn't looking at the camera so I kept called him and finally he looked at me for a second, gave me this smile, and when I snapped the picture he turned away again. Yes, my dog posed for me.

Ok, here are those babies that were so interested in Rocco. Rocco is equally as interested in them.
That Mama Peacock had a field day trying to get her babies away from the dog.
Then we came to this pretty waterfall and I couldn't resist.
Now some pictures of me and the boy from the day.

He did so good, but I really hope that he and his new partner never come across a peacock. I got him under control but he was still really distracted and it's not like I have an unlimited supply of time or peacocks to work with that. :)

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