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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Special Visit

So the Wednesday before I was expected to be in Scotland for school I left my friends and family to go see someone very specialy. For those of you who remember my post long ago when I said something then we've already guessed who I visited and for those of you who are my friend on facebook you might have already seen a few pictures. Are there any of you who still haven't guessed who I went to go see when I left California at 6:30am last Wednesday?


That's right people I went to go visit Miss Freya with her new partner and his wife. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I am so pleased with the match the Guide Dogs made for Freya. They are absolutely the best couple out there for her and you can tell she absolutely adores her person. So, let's start off with some airport pictures.

When I first arrived I knew I would have to wait a little because Mr. L doesn't get out of work until 5pm and my plane was set to arrive about 4:50pm. Well it arrived at 4:35pm so I had a little more time to wait and wash a little of the plane ride off of me in the airport bathroom. When did arrive to pick me up Mr.L and I headed towards each other. He mouthed "Ignore her." so I did and we both just walked right past each other. He wanted to see what Freya would do and guess what! She didn't recognize me at all! I'm so proud of her, she treated me like an obstacle. Well, she did until we faced each other and he said, "Freya, who's that?" She starred at me for a second with an almost confused look on her face and then her whole face lit up and she was clearly saying, "OMG! IT'S YOU!!!!" So she jumped all over me and when I said something like, "Weren't they suppose to teach you how to be a Guide Dog?" Mr.L said that something like this just overflowed her with emotion and she had to get it out. I was happy when I heard him say that.
See? All over me. That crazy girl.
I think Freya was very excited to see me. In this picture you can tell she's a little overwhelmed and that she's not too sure who to go to.
Mrs. L fed me some very tasty pasta and bread and then Freya helped me open a few presents they had for me. Amounst them was an Alabama T-shirt, two magnet pictures of Freya, and a Helen Keller necklace. They said the necklace was very fitting for someone like me.
The quote on the necklace:
"The Best and Most Beautiful Things in this World Cannot be Seen or Even Touched, They Must be Felt with the Heart"
Then Freya wanted to play (surprise, surprise) so I played with her.
And played...
and played some more.
I love the way that he new family puts it. "This is all you." Haha! It's ture. I take full responsibility for how crazy Freya is. I take responsibility for the "grasshopper jump" she does towards you if you let go of the rope while she still wants to play (which is all the time). I also take responsibility for her being a bunny stuck inside of a dog's body. She still jumps straight up into the air. Haha! She really hasn't changed a big since I had her except that she's definitely a little more mature when she's working, but she's always been focused as soon as she knew she was working.
After dinner, presents and playing we took a walk around the apartment complex. But not before I gave Freya and Mr.L their present. See if you can tell what it is from the next few pictures.
I absolutely love this picture of Freya. She looks a little shy or something.
I also really love her sign. "Working Guide Dog: Please do not Pet or Feed" I think this is what we should replace on that spot where the Science Diet patch use to be.
Did any of you guess the present that I gave to Freya and Mr.L? No? Well if you look closely at the pictures you will see one of Meghan's green leashes. I asked her to make it for me (don't worry, I did pay her for her excellent leash that I LOVE) so that I could give it to Freya and Mr.L for Freya's second birthday which is coming up really soon. On the leash my father laser engraved it with their names and their graduation date. I belive Mr.L really liked the leash. He told me that when it breaks (eventually) or gets too worn to use then he already has a plan to cut out the part of the leather with their names and graduation date and put it in...like a shadow box with some pictures. That totally warmed my heart because after the great necklace they gave me I wasn't sure if this leash would be enough. But he really likes it. I also gave them a handmade geneology and pedigree for Freya and a copy of the picture of Freya at graduation that I had my friend draw for me.
Anyway, the walk was very nice. Mr.L allowed me to hold onto Freya's harness while he held onto my arms so that I could feel what Freya was like as a Guide. She's got an excellent pull and she's just so alert! I really enjoyed being able to do that with Freya. She stopped at curbs for us and gave a nice pace and rushed us across the parking lot and halted whenever Mr.L told her to and was just an overall excellent pup...dog.
Then it was time for me to heead to the hotel they were putting me up in (I was fine with waking up at 4am with Mr.L when he had to get up for work, but they insisted so I was fine with that plus the hotel was 5 minutes from Mr.L's office) and say good night to Freya. She's such a funny girl.
The next morning Mr.L allowed me to take Freya from him and take her for a walk around the post. I made sure he was absolutely fine with it when he offered and he said that he didn't really need her in the office and that he had a cane so that I should go ahead and take her. It was so nice to have a dog that walked my pace again. I LOVE Rocco don't get me wrong, but Freya and I always walked the same pace so it was just so nice. At first she stopped at every curb and stair and looked at me as if to say, "Look! Look what I can do!" It was so cute. So I gave her her "good girl" treat and gave her the command "forward." She was so great. I even tried "left" and "right" once or twice and she did it for me and looked back with the same look of "I'm showing off to you so you can see what I've learned". Mostly though I just let her lead. It was where she worked afterall so I knew she knew it better than I did.
I dropped off Freya around 10:00 and Mr.L called Mrs.L and told him that I was ready to be picked up so she came and took me back to their apartment and fed me again. HAHA! I love Mrs.L. She takes a lot of pictures (and I mean A LOT) so most of the pictures here are curtesey to her and she's so...blunt?...I don't know. I imagine that if Freya were a human she might be a little like Mrs.L...anyway she said stuff like "Erin, you have to speak up here. Do you want more food?" She was just great. Then she took me to the NASA Museum and I had a great time looking at all of the info on the Apollos. I have a lot of pictures from there too. :)
Then we went to pick up Mr.L and Freya. We went to the mall and walked around for a bit. Here's a picture of Freya and me from the mall.

Then as we were leaving Mr.L practically chants "Olive Garden, Olive Garden". I thought it was the funniest thing ever. So we went to Olive Garden for a late lunch/early dinner. Thank you again for the meal if you guys are reading! While we were there a manager came over and asked if everything was alright and then left. I was a little confused so Mr.L said, "He was checking out my dog." Then it dawned on me. Of course! All the times that had randomly happened to me had suddenly made sense! They were checking to make sure that the dog was ok to be there. With that done we had a lovely meal and I got so stuffed! Mrs.L and I shared a piece of Triple Chocolate (or chocolate chocolate chocolate cake as Mr.L likes to say). Oh it was so good, but oh was I so full.
After dinner we went back to the apartment and went on another nightly walk. After Freya got some dinner and ice cubes (Freya never really drank much with me and I hear that it stayed the same with Mr.L and he was worried about her. So now he gives her ice cubes because she loves them and he knows that she's getting enough water during the day. So, evey time you get ice for your drink you have to give Freya one cube) of course. And not before we did a little photo shoot. I told you Mrs.L loves to take pictures.
Isn't that girl gorgeous!?
I'm so impressed with Freya. Mr.L can say "Freya find the mailbox" and she knows exactly which one to go to. And it's not like the mailbox out in front of your house. No, these are mail slots really in one big block. I don't know how she does it. We're thinking she can count.
Then came for Friday and my day to leave. So I took Freya on one more walk around the post.
She and I were tired right in the middle of it so we headed back to my room and I let her cuddle with me on the bed. Hey, her new family allows it so why not? This was of course after I got her some ice cubes from my fridge. She helped me do some last minute packed and we said a private good bye before we had to say good bye in front of everyone.
She's such a good girl and I can't imagine a better place for her to be.
One last good bye from Freya then it was off to the airport.
Freya was so funny while I was there. Whenever she saw me when she hadn't seen me for a while her eyes and body movement would say, "You're here again!" or "You're still here!" And she had to make sure I was coming when going down stairs so I ended up walking extra loud so that she would stop looking back for me while she was guiding Mr.L.
I absolutely LOVE her and absolutely LOVE the L's. They're such wonderful people and I really can't imagine Freya with anyone else. Though I did get a bit of exciting news that I'm not going to share right now. I dont' know if I will ever share it, but if it ever comes up again then I'll mention it.
I'm going to say again. Look at how gorgeous and grown up that dog is!


  1. O!! what a fun oportunity to get to visit with Freya and the L's!!! Such a neat neat visit.
    Dublin will go back to GDB next month, I hope he gets some people as nice as them!!.

  2. oh, that's such a wonderful, fantastic visit!!! I hope Hosta gets to be so lucky to go to someone as nice as them!

  3. You are so lucky! How many raisers can say they got to visit their puppy in its new home? It looks like you had a great time! Freya looks amazing!

  4. What a fun trip! i really enjoyed it when Kacie and rei came down for a weekend visit!! I also love how Mr. L is always giving a thumbs up sign in all the photos!!

  5. Wow, what an awesome post and awesome opportunity to visit Freya and Mr and Mrs L in Alabama! It's so great how they welcomed you and fed you and let you into Freya's daily life. P.S. I love seeing your Born to Lead shirt!


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