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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Follow Up

I've had some really interesting comments and this is all food for thought for me.

Maybe if we made it harder for people to bring in their service animals it would be harder for the fake people to bring in pets. But then again, do we really want to make disabled peoples lives any harder?

I believe you are right Erin. I was intending that post to bash a ridicule a few people and those are the fake service dog users not the fake service dogs. The dogs can't help it if their people bring them into public.

Yes it's true that training schools can only retire dogs that they know have a problem and the student doesn't always report it I would like to bring into light the fact that A) service dog users have these dogs so they can get around easier and if it's harder to take their dog into a public place or it make them have to leave or just plain makes their lives harder the only reason they wouldn't try to get help from the graduate services is they are too attached to their dog. All the blind people I know LOVE, absolutely LOVE, their dogs but if they started to make mobility harder rather than easier they would say something to try to fix the issue...and B) everyone is watching. GDB gets numerous calls about people "abusing" their Guides when they were doing nothing but giving them a simple correction. People like to think they are helping so I imagine with the help of the public and the fact that the blind people need these dogs for mobility reasons only a couple misbehaved dogs slip through the schools' grasps.

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