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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today Rocco's morning business looked normal!! YAY! It's the first poop I haven't been worried about since last Monday so I'm very happy! That means that when we get back home from my mom's house on Tuesday I can start transitioning him back to normal puppy food.

Now that you are all aware that Rocco is having normal poops again I have a funny story to tell you and I really wish I had gotten it on video. This morning I woke up before my mom and step-dad which is quite normal. So I'm going about feeding Rocco his horrible Cottage Cheese and Rice with a side of Antibiotics like normal. He finishes eating so I start to make my breakfast (toast because we went to a Cuban bakery last night around closing time and they gave each of us a bag of bread to take home) when my mom starts calling Rocco from their room. Now, I've sort of trained Rocco not to go into rooms which have their doors closed or slightly cracked so I had to help him along with going in there because he wasn't too sure if he was allowed. This is for the sake of all four of my parents so that they don't have a bouncy puppy on them at 7am on a weekend. Well, he goes in there and I see it before it happens because he gets this look in his eyes. He's not smart enough to hide what he's thinking before he does something naughty and the look in his eye this morning was, "I'm gonna do it! I'm not suppose to, but I'm gonna!" So, he stops for a split second in the bedroom, sees the two of them, then springs like a bunny on top of the bed and starts liking both of them at once. I was laughing too hard to immediately tell him to get down, but as soon as I caught my breath I said, "Rocco..." in that stern parent voice I used to hate to hear and he looked at me and just simply stepped off the bed. It was one of the funniest things I think I have ever seen him do.

After that we all went to Kozen-rufu Gongyo. My mom and step-dad are Buddhist and today was their monthly World Peace meeting where the objective of the meeting is to "pray"* for world peace. As a puppy raiser it is my job to expose these puppies to the most I can and the most that they are able to handle. Last time Rocco and I didn't go because I wasn't sure if he could handle all the noise, but he's older now so I decided to take him. My theory is that you never know who your dog is going to go to. So Freya actually wen to church, Buddhist meetings, and I believe she went to Temple once. I do try and make sure they know how to behave in any religious setting. Anyway Rocco did fantastic. I love the Kozen-rufu Gongyo meetings for puppies because it's a pretty big deal. There is generally music, lots of people all "praying"* at once, the bell used at the activity centre is large and loud and of a different pitch than the one we have at home, and of course there are always little kids. Rocco did beautifully and he's really progressed on his clapping thing. I got him to lay calm through half of the clapping and the other half he looked at me. So there is definite progress there. He just did so wonderfully that I'm sure he's going to be great for his new raisers when he leaves in a week.

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  1. Good job Rocco!

    We are visiting Fresno this weekend and ran into Rockford's family (sans Rockford) at Panera yesterday. Great to meet them!


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