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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pictures of My Group

Ok, now you've all met Luther who is adorable. But I thought I would post a picture group post. So these are the puppies in the group. Recent pictures and old pictures and since I'm the proud, braggy parent type I'm starting with my babies. Only no young pictures of Rocco because you've seen all of those before.
Freya: Freya 6 months old
Freya 4 months old
Freya 9 wks old
Freya 9 weeks old
Freya now...

Rocco: (these are just my favourite most recent pictures)

Winston: (now In formal Training)

Colorado: (Now in Formal Training)

Townsend: (Now CC'd)

Tomales: (Now CC'd)

Townsend (L) Tomales (R)


Royalty: (She's one of my favourite puppies so bear with me)




Those are all of the puppies in the group right now. Here are a few group pictures.

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