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Sunday, April 25, 2010

E Puppies

Hey there! Here are some pictures of the E puppies on the Puppy truck.

This is Epic. He's the one I wanted. Don't get me wrong. I love Rocco, but Epic was the only puppy that wasn't crying or screaming.

This is Eaton. You really can't see him, but he was an adorable sweetheart.

This is Enrique with his new raiser. I believe she's in the Lamoore group (sorry, I forgot to get her name and if you're reading this sorry I didn't ask first) When Enrique got off the truck and started bouncing around she said "This one's a phyco!" I just laughed and said "Yep, that's a Belle puppy for you!" She was putting her other guide pup in training on the truck. I'm sure he'll do wonderful! I'll be looking for him on the phase reports next week!

This is Eli. Oh he was such a loud mouth little guy. But I really liked him. He was so feisty, but he was also really sweet.

Here's where the E puppies are going:

Eli: Arizona

Epic: Camarillo

Eaton: Bakersifield

Enrique: Lamoore

Espirit: Sacramento

Estee: Tracy

Elmer: was Fresno, but is now Career Changed.

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  1. Epic has such a pitiful look on his face. But they are all cute. How could a puppy not be?


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