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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vet Visit.

Hey all! It's Raiser Erin. Like anyone else posts on this blog right? Anyway, you all know that Mr. Rocco has been having a bit of tummy troubles. He's had vomiting and diarrhea and he was peeing a lot. So, after it cleared up and then came back we took him to the vet. We took him on Monday. The vet says that it was definitely bacterial or parasitical. So he's on two different kinds of antibiotics right now. One he takes twice a day (at breakfast and dinner) and the other once a day (at lunch). We don't have to stool sample results back yet. We were thinking it was giardia, but now we aren't so sure. If it does turn out to be giardia (that is a type of parasite in the lower intestine) he'll be on another antibiotic! And he's on Science Diet ID right now. It's a bland food that will allow him to gain weight. The poor little guy gained a little wight in two weeks, but not enough to account for how much taller he's gotten. His stomach pinches in and you can count his ribs. Poor puppy. But! He's pooped, now 5 times, and they have all been good. No diarrhea! YAY!

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